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 journal back issues


  1996 issue 1

        Letter from angel

        First color picture

        ITC poses challenges to science

        Is ITC for real?

        Multidimensional model of reality

        Brief history of ITC

        German woman enjoys ultimate island excursion

        Computer letter announces new spiritside assistance

   1996 issue 2

        Ancient Chinese physician sends picture and letter

        Higher beings, lower beings, unity and protection

        Report on assassinated prime minister Olof Palme

        Ethereal report on our extraterrestrial roots

        Konstantin Raudive chats with US experimenter

        ITC systems are a marriage of technology and spirit

        German experimenter taps phone to assess paranormality

        Passwords thwart spirit imposters

        Freeze the body,  confuse the spirit

        Research into the Arthur Beckwith contact

        Scout for Timestream: Bwele M'Banga (picture)

  1996 issue 3

        Annual meeting helps stabilize contact field

        Internet, membership, light workers

        Expedition is undertaken to visit one of "the Rainbow People"

        More about the "Rainbow People"

        Sound tests show spirit voices are unique, nonhuman

        Our seven ethereal colleagues from the ethereal realms

                Misconceptions of the ethereal realm

                Advice to ITC researchers

                Cattle madness or human madness?

                Advice from Ishkumar

                Walk the higher path

                A message for the INIT gathering in New York

        Follow-up on Arthur Beckwith and Bill Lynch

        Former Nazi Rudolf Hoess issues plea for help

        Phenomenon of images from the spirit worlds

  1997 issue 1

        Insights into the nature of things

        Tuning up our "biocomputers" (heart and brain) for ITC

        Quantum physics and the ITC phenomenon

        A view from far beyond

        The experiences of experimenter Klaus Schreiber

        Knowledge and faith, science and religion, light and dark

        Experimenter gets report from her late uncle

        Recent contacts provide scientific insights

                Our thoughts create reality

                Quantum reality, 11 tubular dimensions, and other puzzles

                New spiritside equipment is "formed"

                A contact through fax by Dr Yang-Fudse

                Simultaneous contacts

                ITC interest and open minds will open doors

        English explorer describes his ultimate adventure: transition

        INIT-US receives reports on spirit colleagues

        Recent messages from spirit

        American researcher gets a telephone contact

  1997 issue 2

        Jules Verne sends picture, report of his death scenario

        Cults, UFOs, and being "complete"

        The importance of grief

        Denizen of watery world gives us a new view of our world

        The dangers of future anti-energy research

        Mystery colleague sheds more light on his background

        New phone contacts provide insights into the nature of things

                Quantum physics, equipment construction

                The future of humanity

                Now do things look in other dimensions?

        How ITC works

        INIT's efforts upgraded to "Project Sothis"

        Contact bridges are not easily created

        The story of Richard Francis Burton

        Planet Earth is about to enter a spiritual universe

  1997 issue 3

        First ITC congress in Mexico inspires contact

        ITC and planetary healing

        Life (and ITC interest) goes on for Willis Harman

        War victim reflects on his violent death and new life

        The lost civilization of Atlantis

        Jesus, Mohammed, and other paths to the Light

        Memories of Brazil

        Luxembourg experimenter reflects on recent contacts

                The power of thought

                Navigating the complex worlds of spirit

                Difficulties in locating the Earth

        Higher being sends picture and letter

        Two of The Seven discuss our task in ITC

        The difference between ITC and channeling

        On the nature of ITC energies

        Evil, and how to deal with it

        Incorrect beliefs can prevent personal contacts

 1998 issue 1

        Timestream's "tech support" staff calls Station Colorado

        Transpartner shares personal information during Christmas greeting

        INIT survives the storm

        Leadership without maneuvering and posturing


        Colorado enjoys first clear radio voice, from man who died a century ago

        Fear and doubt attract lower spirits

        Short reply from Italy

        New ITC breakthroughs in England

        Brazilian experimenter gets voice breakthrough via computer

        Death of an ITC experimenter (Adolf Homes)




 journal back issues



 1999 issue 1

        1998 meeting report


        Transition of Albert Fischbach

        My first apport experience (Theo Locher)

        End of an epoch

        Greetings from Brazilian spirit group

        Light shines through the darkness

        Station Colorado receives first advanced radio contact

        US transpartner Arthur Beckwith

        ITC and mediumship (Elisabeth Berneck)

        ITC and perssonal transformation (Jacques Blanc-Garin)

        Ethics in ITC (Maggy Harsch-Fischbach)

        ITC and science (Nils Jacobson, MD)

        Six prinicples for ethical ITC (Claudius Kern, PhD)

        ITC's three-pronged mission (Adrian Klein, MD)

        Vital future of ITC (Hans Luethi, PhD)

        Cautious development of ITC (Mark Macy)

        Bridging Science and Religion (Carlos Luz, PhD)

        Future of ITC (Hans Luethi, attorney)

        The promises of ITC (Wilma Stein)

        Dissemination of ITC results (Pierre Thery)

        Publicize ITC carefully (Irma Weisen)

        Transcommunication and our responsibility for the future (Guenter Emde, PhD)

        Fascinating background of ITC (Mark Macy)

        Research in Italy (Paola Giovetti and Silvana Pagnotta)

        Our spiritual composition

        The spiritual omniverse

        Vatican okays transcommunication

        New ITC groups

        Theoretical perspectives (Adrian Klein)

1999 issue 2

        Final issue

        Real doctors don't cry (Judith Petry, MD)

        Belief in weird things and the future of physics (Robert L Shacklett (PhD)

        Development of Station Schweich

        First phone contact in France from Konstantin Raudive (Pierre Thery)

        New subtle energy device, the luminator

        Meeting results with new device

        ITC and our responsibility for the future, part 2 (Guenther Emde)

        ITC--It's promises and obstacles (Maria Isabel Saraiva)

        Legal protection of ITC contacts (Mark Macy)

        Spiritual Transition of Humanity (Hernani Guimares Andrade)

        ITC and mediumship--conflict of harmony? (Cristina Rocha)

        The transition of George W Meek

        Brief history of INIT

        Some ideas about how ITC works (Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt)

        Voice characteristics before and after death (George W Meek)

        Computer contact in Arizona

        ITC-related webpages and websites

        Cosmonauts sight seven higher beings

        Trained to kill

        Florida woman receives call from departed friend

        Dimensions: Space, time and beyond

        Obstructions to world ITC