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* * * Angel's message to the world * * *



Following are voice contacts referenced in Spirit Faces; Truth about the afterlife.

Page 4

I’ve talked on the phone with people who had died years earlier.

       1-minute sample, 1MB;

       1-min. message on my answering machine, 1MB


I’ve heard their voices come through the radios....

       multiple EVP voice, 520KB,   

       "Your mind's too much in turmoil," 190KB,   

       Filtered clip "Your mind's too much in turmoil" 190KB


I have an audiocassette containing a long message, in English, from one of the ethereal beings describing our ancient heritage long before recorded history.

       Ethereal excerpt 1, 226KB)


Page 23

I once received a voice through my radios that said, “Thomas A to Winston,” and I’m reasonably certain it was Thomas Alva Edison trying to get the attention of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, then led by Winston Franklin after the death of Willis Harman.

       Thomas Edison contact)

Colleagues of mine in Europe (especially Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg) have received pictures and messages from…spirit beings with familiar names… (such as) Henri Sainte-Claire de Ville.  (The contact is facilitated and announced by ethereal being Technician.) 

       Henri Ste Claire de Ville contact, 2MB


Page 31

I spoke on the phone for nearly fifteen minutes with a departed colleague named Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist who had been a pioneer in spirit communication before he died. We discussed my equipment, my colleagues, and various other topics. He told me that my colleagues and I were being monitored on computer-like terminals on the other side. They saw us as a collection of points on a screen, all connected by lines indicating collaboration and friendship. There were a few large points representing key members, and only from those major points could new lines be drawn. That phone call was one of the most miraculous experiences of my life….

       3-minute excerpt, 3MB


Page 34

On one occasion (a voice) broke through my shortwave radio sounds, saying clearly,

       Time just passes here.”

I wasn’t sure at the time whose voice it was, but the next day colleagues of mine in Europe received a computer contact confirming that it was the voice of Arthur Beckwith, (who also told me on another occasion that our deceased pet Konrad was now with him. He said,

       Konrad the cat is Arthur’s pet.”)


On another occasion, five of us got together in the Luxembourg flat of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach in the summer of 1994, and the deep voice of our spirit friend Konstantin Raudive broke through the radio sounds with his deep voice and northern European accent,

       “It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony, and when their aims and intentions are pure.” Then he went on to convey a meaningful personal message to everyone present.


He told me,

       “Last but not least, Mark Macy. My dear friend, we bring our greetings to Colleague Meek and the Uphoffs, also to Hans Heckman with whom realizes a beautiful job to spread ITC information. You know by experience, Mark, how dangerous drugs of all kinds can be. Try to warn humanity that they not only alter their present lives on your side, but also influence in a negative way their future lives. Go on with your experiences, and you will see that the bridge to the States will soon be strengthened. Regina, as your twin soul, can help you a lot. Listen to her inner voice, and you will be in the right way.”


Page 163

Ethereal beings are ready and waiting for us to make these choices, and when we do, ITC bridges will open wide. How do I know? They told us, verbatim, in English, through an ITC system (of the Harsch-Fischbach couple) in Europe,

       “This is the seventh time that we accompany and guide you on your progress towards a free, wealthy, and sane future in which humanity would have stripped off the chains of intolerance and cruelty - - a future in which it will be able to establish fruitful, endurable relationship with the light, ethereal realms of existence. You (INIT members) are in the right way. You are a small number, but much depends on you and on your decisions those days. We trust in you.”