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 Images and text excerpts from

Spirit Faces: Truth about the Afterlife



 Figure 1. Mark

The author has had many spirit faces appearing with him since acquiring the luminator in 1999. His wife Regina took these two pictures of him in his lab in April 2006. The face on the right has not been definitely identified.



Figure 2. Mark at the Monroe Institute

In September 2005 Macy gave a workshop at The Monroe Institute. Several of the participants had spirit faces showing up clearly in their pictures. The picture on the left shows Macy with no spirit faces, compared with the other two pictures with spirits clearly "posing" in the picture. The rightmost spirit face resembles Macy's late friend, Willis Harman (see Figure 3).




Willis Harman



Figure 3. Mark with Willis Harman?

One of the spirit faces that appeared at The Monroe Institute bore a striking resemblance to Willis Harman, late president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, who is reportedly working with Macy on ITC projects from the other side.


  Debbie and John Alberti were popular musicians in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania - - he a drummer and leader of the band, she a singer. Debbie was attracted to John’s brilliance and creativity, and they shared an interest in the metaphysical. They were friends of Dr. Steve Martin, a psychologist who had followed Macy's ITC research with interest for nearly a decade.

Figure 4. Debbie and John Alberti




  When John suffered a fatal heart attack in 2004, Steve introduced Debbie to Macy's work, and that summer she attended his workshop at the ARE Center in New York.


Figure 5. Debbie at Macy's workshop at the Edgar Cayce Center in New York




 Debbie's late husband John showed up clearly in one of Debbie’s photos.


Figure 6. Debbie with spirit face composite






A close look at that face revealed that it was actually a composite of two faces.

Figures 7 and 8




The face at the lower left (Figure 9) resembles John Alberti, and the other face (Figure 10) resembles Edgar Cayce, ARE founder and world-renowned, psychically gifted prophet and medical intuitive.

Figures 9 and 10


Macy said he had a gut feeling during that New York workshop that Edgar Cayce would try to make his presence known, and Macy believes that Cayce did show up. (Lifetime photo of Edgar Cayce published with permission of the Edgar Cayce Foundation.)

The Polaroids of Debbie and John have been in Debbie’s possession since the workshop, except for a week during which she mailed them to Macy to be scanned for use in this book.

Figure 11. Edgar Cayce in lifetime.



More spirit faces can be seen at, along with other results of Macy and other researchers from around the world.

The best Polaroids have been collected and published in the book, Spirit Faces; Truth about the Afterlife.




Missy was photographed in Colorado Springs during Macy's workshop at the Celebration Fair on April 19, 2002. That’s Missy on the right, and the black fellow on the left resembles one of her husband’s friends who had died a few years earlier.

Figure 12. Missy with swarthy male face



Therapist Jack Stucki uses a luminator in his practice in Beulah, Colorado, and he and Macy together get some of their best pictures of spirit faces when they pool their resources. With both luminators running, they sometimes get pictures with strikingly clear spirit faces. When they took a picture of Joy Schilling, owner of the Celebration metaphysical bookstore in Colorado Springs, the face of John Denver appeared. Macy said he was naturally pleased - - delighted, actually, to know that the famous singer was interested in ITC. Macy had felt a close kinship to the singer ever since his song Rocky Mountain High was released in the early Seventies.

Figure 13. Joy with John Denver





Meme attended Macy's workshop at the Edgar Cayce ARE Center in New York City on May 14, 2005. A sensitive woman, Meme often experiences spiritual intervention in her life, a fact that quickly became apparent to Macy as he took a series of pictures of her and they watched them develop. At home, she says, strange things happen on her computer, including text appearing on the screen when no one is physically present. In one message she received the words “Timestream” and “Juno,” the names of two spirit groups known to be actively working on ITC projects. At the New York workshop they received one picture with no spirit faces, but in another stunning photo she had two distinct spirit faces replacing her own face. On the left is a nice-looking young man, and below and to the right is a wise-looking older woman who she now believes (since the publication of the book) is her mother. These are probably two of the guides who protect and support Meme and the ITC miracles that are starting to occur in her life


 Figures 14 and 15. Meme (left) and Meme's face replaced by two spirit faces (right)