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  (excerpt from The Project; the past, present, and future of humanity)

Our spirit bodies can be compared to radio waves:

§         they’re normally imperceptible,

§         they each have a unique frequency or vibration that keeps them distinct from each other,

§         the different frequencies let them coexist independently in the same space, and

§         we can learn to tune in to the various bodies separately with certain techniques and technologies.

In other words, we are made up of several bodies that are superimposed over each other. The physical body is the densest, and it’s the one that our physical mind (the mind of the brain and five senses) is most familiar with. Our spirit bodies become subtler and finer as we move toward the central self—the true self—the soul.

That subtlest of bodies is the eternal flame—the source of inspiration for the Olympic torch—a small ray of undying light, a glowing fragment of the source that is often called “God.” For centuries, mystics have called the heart “the seat of the soul,” because typically that subtlest of bodies resides in the chest, glowing at the fastest and finest vibration imaginable, far beyond the perception of our senses. Hindu teachings describe the soul as a brilliant living light about the size of a thumb residing in the heart.

Between the soul (our true, eternal self) and the physical body (our here-and-now, temporary self) there are two spirit bodies—the astral body and the ethereal body. The astral body is in the form of a subtle human body, and the ethereal body is a formless being of light. The astral body resides in the astral realm, and the ethereal body resides in the ethereal realm.

Now, that’s all true, according to my research, but it’s simplistic. Saying that we have two spirit bodies is like saying there are two life forms on Earth—plants and animals. It’s essentially true, but just as there many kinds of plants and animals on Earth, our spirit bodies manifest in many ways. For the sake of this book, though, let’s keep it simple.

Let’s just say that the ethereal body—our ethereal self, or higher self—is brilliant, timeless, and a source of tremendous inspiration and insight…once we know how to open up communication channels between it and our conscious mind. It resonates at a very fine and subtle vibration.

Our astral body can be a light, brilliant, blissful being when it flourishes on the noble human attitudes of love, trust, good will, and knowledge. Or it can be a dark and dismal being with sunken eyes and scruffy features when it’s motivated by savage attitudes of fear, resentment, doubts, envy, and so on. In its blissful state it resonates at a fine vibration and resides in a paradise world, but in its dismal state it has a dense vibration and finds itself in dark surroundings. I call this version of the astral body the “dismal body.”

During our lifetime on Earth we help shape our astral body by the attitudes we foster or fester in our day-to-day lives, and when we die, we settle into a spiritual realm appropriate to our astral body. There are many beautiful paradise worlds, and there are many dark, dismal worlds, and after we die our spirit moves automatically to the world of compatible vibration.

That’s why religions and esoteric schools throughout history have encouraged people to make good, moral choices in life; moral living helps to raise the vibration of our astral body. That’s the meaning of spiritual purification.


The diagram above simply lists four realms—physical, dismal, astral, and ethereal—but these are just arbitrary divisions. Each of those realms consists of many worlds and universes. Other people might refer to seven or eleven or 21 different levels or realms of spirit, but the numbers don’t really matter, since they’re all arbitrary anyway. It’s just a question of how you prefer to divide up this infinitely complex omniverse. I like this particular model because it jives with how we normally think of the worlds of spirit nowadays. The dismal realm is where ghosts and lost souls get stuck for awhile, and when they go “to the light,” it’s the astral realm they go to. The astral realm is the paradise where most of us awaken after we die. The ethereal realms contain countless worlds beyond form and structure inhabited by angels and light beings.

Incidentally, most dreams are out-of-body experiences (OBEs) that we experience several times throughout the night while our physical body and mind are asleep, and our spiritual bodies and minds are awake and active.

(For another look at this scheme from the perspective of the spirit realms, click here.)