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Revisiting Our Ancient Heritage

 (excerpt from The Project: Part One introduction)

Was Atlantis a real civilization or just a myth? How about Eden, the legendary paradise world where humanity fell from grace? Real or myth? Three decades of research into humanity’s true nature and heritage have convinced me that Atlantis and Eden were both real. While a few of the details in Part One may someday prove wrong, I’m confident that the overall story will bear out as future science discovers the truth about our prehistoric roots. Meanwhile, I hope the coming pages stimulate some deep-seated memories in you of ancient times that have been buried in human genes for thousands (if not millions…if not billions!) of years. 

I’ve gathered a lot of information over the years from many sources and pieced it together in Part One into what I believe is a reliable picture of our world and what it means to be “human.” My sources vary in reliability from impeccable to speculative, and as I assembled the puzzle, I tried to keep it all clearly delineated. It may surprise you how I determined which pieces of information are more reliable than others. Here in the high-tech world the general consensus among the media and general public (and, of course, the scientific community) is that scientists provide the most reliable information, but in my book they’re only third on the list of four sources.

The two highest-level sources of information used in this book are not of this world. In 1995 I helped to assemble a panel for leading-edge spirit communication through technical equipment. We called ourselves INIT, the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication. Our members—scientists and researchers from more than a dozen countries—received an unprecedented series of contacts from the worlds of spirit. Most of the contacts came from a group of people who had lived on Earth in various eras and had now come together on the other side to open a communication bridge to send messages to our world through ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) systems composed of radios, TVs, telephones, computers, and other devices. I myself spoke on the phone and through the radio with spirit friends, as I’ve documented in my earlier books and on my websites. A few of the messages from the other side—what I consider to be the gems of ITC—came from Ethereal beings who have followed our world for thousands of years, offering humanity guidance and protection. Those contacts received by INIT members in Europe convinced me that under the right conditions, ITC systems allow information to be delivered from spiritual realms into our world almost pure, as opposed to channeled information, which is filtered by the minds of the human channels.

So let’s look at my four categories of information sources, starting at the top:

 Ethereal truth. ITC messages from The Seven Ethereal beings, who identified themselves to us as “gatekeepers” between the spirit worlds and our world. They didn’t reveal to us the full scope of their gatekeeper duties, but those duties certainly include control over the miraculous communication bridge that opened up for our group. Our spirit friends (deceased humans) told us that being in the presence of The Seven is like standing before a bank of living supercomputers that exchange oceans of information instantly. These entities provided vast energies to facilitate the miraculous contacts that our spirit friends made with us. Occasionally The Seven themselves spoke through the ITC channels, delivering messages to us through most of our communication technologies that boggled our minds, and I would trust the validity of those messages with my life (which, frankly, is a small risk, considering the timeless nature of the Ethereals and the fleeting nature of human lives). To say their information is as good as gold is an understatement. As a reliable source, then, messages from The Seven through ITC devices are number one in my book.

Spirit world insight. We quickly learned that people who die on Earth and resume lives in the Paradise world we often call Heaven or The Summerland, while retaining much of their mind, memory, and personality from lifetime, also have access to far greater understanding than we on Earth have at our disposal. Over the years it became evident to INIT members that the information our spirit friends shared with us—even information that our rational minds wanted to reject—usually proved to be right. So this book includes some of their information, which I find very reliable.

Hard evidence. Since the days of Isaac Newton, science has become brilliant at figuring things out, from the very large world around us to the very small world inside us. The scientific method of peer review, replication of results, and rigorous testing minimizes the risk of frivolous conclusions, but scientific understanding changes constantly as new discoveries are made. What is accepted in one decade can be proven false in the next. Also, scientific exploration today confines itself to the material universe, mostly ignoring what I regard as the much larger and more flourishing spiritual universes. So in terms of reliability, modern science is very good but has some limitations despite its prudence.

 Soft evidence. Legends, channeled materials, religious texts, and speculation based on scientific evidence. At the source of many myths are kernels of truth that have been distorted in translation down through the ages. Tremendous wisdom can be found in time-proven religious texts (the Vedas, the Bible, the Koran, the Kabbalistic Zohar…) and esoteric writings such as A Course in Miracles, the Urantia Book, the Edgar Cayce prophecies, and the writings of Alice Bailey. But being channeled material, it was filtered to some degree by the beliefs and attitudes of the human channels as it came through into our world, and in some cases was modified by future generations. Hence, I call it “soft evidence.” This would also include Plato’s dialogs about ancient gods, and the works of serious writer-researchers such as Erich von Daniken, Immanuel Velikovsky, and Zecharia Sitchin, whose findings have not yet been accepted by the scientific community. These sources may not be at the top of my reliability list, but I hold them all in high regard. I believe their writings consist largely of truth but contain some misinterpretations as well, and so I’m selective in using that information.

You could say I tried to put Part One of this book together like a good suit: 1) Ageless ethereal truths from The Seven are assembled like well-cut, tasteful fabrics. 2) Spiritual insights from our invisible friends at Timestream pull things together like strong, durable threads. 3) Hard scientific evidence tailors the garment with precision to give it a good fit. 4) Soul-stirring legends and clever theories provide fringe and creative touches to soften the garment in a way that can set fire to eclectic minds.

So let’s don the suit and set off on our adventure!