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Understanding our most ancient heritage . . .


Embracing our paradise destiny!






PART ONE: Revisiting Our Ancient Heritage

Chapter 1: Where Was Eden?

Chapter 2: The Colonization of Earth

Chapter 3: The Fall of Eden

Chapter 4: When Did Eden Fall?

Chapter 5: The Marooned Edenites

Chapter 6: Cross-Breeding

Chapter 7: Atlantis

Chapter 8: Project Sothis

Chapter 9: The Second Epoch

Chapter 10: Last Chance for Peace


PART TWO: Remaking the Noble Savage

Chapter 11: Who Are We, Really?

Chapter 12: Why Do We Behave Like This?

Chapter 13: Working on Ourselves

Chapter 14: Getting Help From Others

Chapter 15: Remaking Summary


PART THREE: Rethinking Society

Chapter 16: Society, One of Five Living Systems

Chapter 17: Life’s Nested Structure

Chapter 18: Who Decides What?

Chapter 19: E-conometrics

Chapter 20: The Next Frontier


PART FOUR: Resetting Our Inner Clock

Chapter 21: Heart Meditation

Chapter 22: Mantric Exercises

Chapter 23:  Our Noble Destiny




Endorsements, reviews, feedback



“ . . . fascinating, relevant, and important.”

--Ervin Laszlo

Systems Theorist

Founder, Club of Budapest


“Informed readers . . . should find this book both fascinating and challenging.”

--John Rossner

Professor Emeritus of Religion

President, International Institute of Integral Human Studies


“ . . . thought-provoking and exciting.”

--Jane Storrie

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Fellow, American Board of Disability Analysts



"Your book is so timely for this day and age!" 

-- Alvin Gonzalez

New York



"I am reading “The Project,” not like a novel or science magazine, rather like the Bible, which I read often. My wife is a behavioral scientist, nurse, writer, and now a chaplain. I am Indian-born, educated in UK, lived most of my professional life in USA, also Canada, and made extensive international travels since a young age. I can relate to what you write and have had many, many personal experiences... Good work!"

-- Dr Panjwani

New York


"I am enjoying your book. Thank  you for writing it." 

--Jane Driscoll


"There are things out there trying to communicate with us, and they do it in the most mundane of ways. "The Project: The Past, Present, and Future of Humanity" discusses Instrumental Transcommunication, where researchers attempt to connect with angels and spirits through typical communication devices such as telephones, computers, radios, and television. After joining a group using this process, author Mark Macy began to believe. Macy relates the truths of the world that have been presented to him. From his visions, he brings his readers thoughts and ideas, making "The Project" a fascinating metaphysical read."

- - Midwest Book Review


"Mark- Thank you for your great writings. I have nearly read all of The Project, and it is so wonderful. I received an email (excerpt below) and immediately thought of the book and the reference to savage-vs-noble side. I must admit that it is a challenge to focus on the noble side throughout the day; the savage side seems to take over without much effort, and I find it takes over as if second nature. I just mean that simple things can easily be turned around to focus on the worst aspects of humanity. I am trying to make it a morning practice to meditate and focus energy on making positive changes, less assumptions and work to lighten my vibrations. I have noticed a difference.... I pray the world is ready to shake off the heavy weight and elevate to new heights.

 - - Anne Beck


I recently completed reading "The Project"


You, clearly, did a huge amount of research, sharing ancient as well as more modern wisdoms and knowledge.
E-conometrics - marvelous! Now, if we can just get these ideas in the heads-and-minds of the movers-and-shakers in Washington, DC. OR, better yet into the hands of Hollywood-types who are willing to create a movie around these great concepts ???
Congratulations, it is a fine piece of work! I read it almost as though it was a 'text book'. Maybe, one day, it will be ??
Wishing you continued success,


Sandy Tofflemire (Los Angeles)






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